September 15, 2023 | Source: ScienceWorks Staff

Ignite Your Business with AI: ScienceWorks Teams Up with HeraldAI for a Free Seminar

ScienceWorks has long been a staple in the community, fostering scientific curiosity and
providing outreach to students and educators. By teaming up with HeraldAI, an Ashland-based
consulting firm focused on AI education, ScienceWorks is extending their mission and offering
a dedicated platform for adult education in the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence.

Participation is free, and there is no need for prior registration. Walk-ins are welcome, but
HeraldAI consultant Magdalene Sullivan suggests arriving early to secure a seat!
This one-hour introductory seminar aims to demystify Artificial Intelligence, offering practical
insights into how it can be applied in business as well as daily life. The event seeks to equip
local business owners, educators, and curious individuals with the inspiration to leverage AI
Magdalene Sullivan, founder and chief consultant of HeraldAI, is excited to talk with
participants about how Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize business and personal life. She
remarks, “Our partnership with ScienceWorks aims to transform Ashland’s go-to science
museum into a hub for adult-focused AI education. Businesses and individuals alike will
discover the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence, reaping benefits for years to come."