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Art for Teens with Beca Blake. Wednesday classes are $10 per. Call for more info: 541-482-6767

Art for Teens with Beca Blake

No prior art experience necessary!
Ages 13-18.
Wednesdays, 3-5pm.

Each class is different; you may sign up for as many or as few as you like. 

April 24: Nature Study - Learn the foundations of Visual Art through the study of nature. Students will spend time studying nature in relation to the basics of visual art: light, color, composition, form, and spatial relationships. 
May 1: Print Making with Fiber - Students will explore the foundations of printmaking with everyday found objects on paper and textile fibers.
May 8: Wire Sculptures -Students learn the building basic elements of sculptural practice by forming figurative and linear art with a variety of metal wire and prompts. 
May 15: Collage Paper Sculptures - Collage art in 3-D ! Taking collage art to another dimension. Students will build cardboard and paper sculptures with added elements of collage and color. 
May 22: Art Scavenger Hunt - Learn the foundations of creating art based on creative guidelines and topics. 
May 29: Free Little Art Gallery - Make your own little art gallery. Learn the foundations of curating, lighting, and building a narrative for your exhibition. 

Please note: In order to allow students to sign up for each class individually and enable the waitlist feature, our software requires users to go through the registration process for each session separately. 

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Art for Teens with Beca Blake. Wednesday classes are $10 per. Call for more info: 541-482-6767
Middle School Club House in May. Friday May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31. 3 - 5 pm

Middle School Clubhouse in May

Five Fridays this May!

Curiosity doesn't stop when the weekend begins! 

ScienceWorks welcomes Middle School aged students to the museum on five Friday afternoons in May. They can kick off the weekend with snacks, games, and fun things to do while friendly ScienceWorks staff and volunteers are nearby to lend a hand if needed. 

ScienceWorks has a wide selection of high-quality boardgames courtesy of Fun Again Games. ClubHouse Students are welcome to bring their own games as well. Pokemon, D&D, Magic? The sky is the limit as long as everyone is having fun and being respectful! 

ScienceWorks is grateful to community partners like the Ashland Food Co-op and Market of Choice for working with us to provide healthy snacks for ClubHouse kids. Young brains are always hungry! 

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