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Our museum is home to more than 100 exhibits! All are engineered for both fun and hands-on learning, leading to higher engagement and a more memorable visitor experience. We custom design and build all our exhibits onsite in the exhibits shop.

Exhibits Sponsorship

Did you know you can sponsor a new exhibit? Sponsoring exhibits is a huge positive impact to the museum, as well as a very long-lasting sponsor opportunity. Exhibits typically live for decades in our musuem and are seen by 50,000+ visitors per year.

Exhibits For Sale

We can build almost anything you can imagine! Our exhibits are designed for high engagement, curiosity-driven exploration, and collaborative play. Ask about our cooperative flight simulator and our robot arm. Contact

Touring Exhibits


Sportsology is available with some lead time to be rented out to your museum! Contact us for details.

Sportsology is an exciting, interactive, bilingual exhibit that explores the science behind sports. This exhibition is composed of a series of hands-on challenges that allow visitors to test their athletic abilities while learning how their bodies work.

• 1,200 – 1,800 ft2

Rental Costs
Contact us for pricing

• 10 Pallets, 5,215 lbs.
• 50’ Truck
• Forklift Required (or lift gate truck with pallet jack)
• Pallet Storage: 64 ft2 by 5 ft tall

Sportsology PDFs

Pterosaurs: Ancient Rulers of the Sky

Pterosaurs is available with some lead time to be rented out to your museum! Contact us for details.

Pterosaurs explores the majesty and wonder of a group of species that lived between the Late Triassic through the Late Cretaceous Periods (228 to 66 million years ago) of the Mesozoic Era. This exhibition features fossil replicas mixed with eight cutting edge digital interactive stations showcasing the evolution, diversity, and lifestyle of this intriguing group of species.

• 2,500 – 3,000 sq ft2

Rental Costs
• Venue Length: Minimum 3 months
• Insurance value: $500,000
Contact us for pricing!

• 50-52’ Truck
• Lift gate truck or loading dock required

Pterosaurs PDFs

Pterosaurs Images PDF