Left to Right: Toby in a lab coat with liquid nitrogen doing a ScienceLive, Finn and Ash in lab coats doing a ScienceLive at OSF, Girl watches a ScienceLive up close

Let ScienceWorks come to you!

Our outreach program brings ScienceWorks educators right to your classroom or community event. We offer a variety of science demonstrations and hands-on workshops that inspire and educate.


Hands-On Workshops: Inside the Classroom

Our ScienceWorks educators will come to you! Our staff will visit your class for plenty of hands-on, inquiry-driven fun. Are you ready for NGSS-aligned, hands-on, STEM activities for your group? We offer school outreach programs starting with your Preschoolers going up to High School Students!

  • Show and Share Visits (PreK - 2): Our ScienceWorks staff will come with interesting specimens and stories from the field as a launch point into hands-on inquiry. Students can investigate, observe, and handle specimens like rocks, fossils, bones, and more.
  • LEGO Engineering (PreK - 12): In our popular LEGO engineering workshops, students work together to solve problems, use critical thinking skills, and work together in order to complete engineering challenges.
  • Circuitry and Robotics (PreK - 8): This workshop acts as an introduction to robotics and coding for our young students. For older students, we take a deeper dive into programming robots. 
  • Chain Reaction Machines (PreK - 12): This classic STEM workshop combines engineering and design skills to challenge students to build a Chain Reaction Machine. Students are tasked with designing a series of chain reactions in order to move their marble or ball from one point to another. A great launching or culminating activity for a unit on forces.
  • Owl Pellet / DIY Mini Museum (3 - 12): Be your very own Museum Curator in this new outreach program! Students dissect owl pellets and design their very own mini-museum. This workshop requires a minimum of 2 days and can be done up to a 4-day outreach program.



Additional Outreach Programming: Outside the Classroom


Science LIVE! Demonstration

This museum favorite comes to you as a dynamic way to inspire, educate, and entertain. We offer science demonstrations for schools, festivals, community centers, senior groups, after-school programs, science fairs, and libraries. Perfect for any age, these demonstration-packed shows are a fun way to get people excited about science!





STEM Challenge Stations!

Take part in ScienceWorks’ hands-on engineering challenge, where you become the engineer at up to 10 self-led creation stations! Can you create designs that will be strong enough, clever enough, and unique enough to complete all the challenges? ScienceWorks provides the materials, you provide the brainpower!








Registration Information 


Classroom Visits

 60-minute time blocks for groups of up to 30, with up to 2 sessions per booking.

  • $210 per 1-hour long-session plus mileage$72 for additional sessions

STEM Challenge Stations

Pricing may vary depending on group size and time requested. Contact us for more information. 


Science LIVE! Demonstration

 Pricing $490 for the first 20-minute show. $145 for additional shows on the same day. 


Title 1 Discounts are available for all outreach visits! 


To schedule an outreach visit for your school or community event please contact education@scienceworksmuseum.org