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ScienceWorks is a Great Place to Volunteer!


Put your time and talents to great use with ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum! We’re looking for enthusiastic Interns and Volunteers to join our team. If you value curiosity, wonder, and exploration, ScienceWorks is the perfect place for you to volunteer! Our museum is a dynamic leader and community resource recognized throughout Southern Oregon and Northern California for inspiring curiosity and creating meaningful science experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds.  We would love to have you as a valued member of our team at ScienceWorks!

2020 Fall Volunteer & Intern Opportunities:


Distance Learning Volunteer/Intern

Join ScienceWorks educators as they support local Ashland School District students participating in distance learning this fall. At the end of the school day, students will have time to explore the museum, play outside, and participate in STEM-based afterschool programming facilitated by ScienceWorks. Join the team as we help students check-in with their classes, work on activities assigned by their school teachers, and enjoy the museum after class gets out.

Weekday volunteers needed, 12:00pm-3:00pm and 2:30pm-5:30pm Apply Now!


Activity Facilitator

Choose a supplied STEM activity. Set it up at either the exploration station or a rolling cart in the museum. Get to know your activity and engage with museum visitors. Examples of activities include: Painting pendulum, Lego self-portraits, bubble geometry, etc.

Weekend help needed. Two three-hour shifts needed: 11:00am-2:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm Apply Now!


Facility Steward

Responsible for cleaning the museum throughout operation. Cleaning supplies are provided. Replace supplies in the museum as needed. Report damaged or malfunctioning exhibits to staff.

Weekend help needed. We will work with your schedule for this position!  Apply Now!


Online Translation Team

We are in need of Spanish Language translations! Our staff will send you projects via email. Examples include museum exhibit text, activity sheets, safety signs, etc. Please include relevant experience on your application.

Project-based. Time commitment will vary. Apply Now!


Museum Docent

Get to know our current exhibits. Engage with and support visitors. Help visitors adhere to COVID guidelines.

Weekend help needed. Two three-hour shifts needed: 11:00am-2:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm Apply Now!



2020 volunteer and internship opportunities! click here to apply!



Volunteer Team Mission and Values:

  • Mission:ScienceWorks’ Volunteer Program offers the structure and foundation for volunteers and interns to contribute to the mission of ScienceWorks (To be a champion of science—inspiring curiosity, wonder, and exploration through engaging and interactive experiences). Our volunteers compliment, assist,  and partner with the core paid museum staff in practically every facet of operation. We recognize that volunteers provide ScienceWorks with resources of experience and talent which are unique and necessary. We strongly  value this contribution , and hope to offer each volunteer a satisfying, productive, and rewarding experience. Through our volunteer program we offer:-An opportunity to contribute talents and skills through active participation in programs and events at ScienceWorks. Volunteers and paid staff are partners in museum operation.-An exciting educational resource for further study in STEM, education, or museum operations.-An opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.Core Values:
    • Fun- We find joy and fufilment in the activities that we do.
    • Patience- We are not judgemental and take the time to understand.
    • Respect- We have appreciation for the volunteers and all others involved at ScienceWorks.
    • Integrity- We do the right thing even when others are not looking.
    • Flexibility- We are open to growth, change, and new ideas.
    • Professionalism- We have quality standards and act accordingly.
    • Curiosity- We foster a safe place to explore, wonder, and learn.

Apply Now!!!

For more information, please contact volunteer@scienceworksmuseum.org or call 541-482-6767.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering - let's champion science together!