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Investing in tomorrow

ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum is dedicated to inspiring curiosity and wonder through scientific exploration and interactive experiences. Your support makes it possible for us to provide a launchpad for the next generation of creative thinkers and problem solvers. When thoughtful and innovative programming meets learners wherever they are, students of all ages and abilities can question, learn, build skills, and forge the path ahead. In our safe, welcoming environment, learners can be imaginative and find “their thing,” whether it’s space, dinosaurs, aviation, engineering, or just experimenting and having fun.

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Resiliency Report
In 2023, ScienceWorks has connected with underserved communities, schools, students, teachers, and adults to provide STEM education, interactive exhibits, outreach, field trips, weekly workshops, summer camps, professional development, and hands-on learning. We have accomplished a lot, and there is still more to be done: over 2000 outreach students, over 11,000 field trip students, 15,403 museum visitors and 875 members strong. Your contributions will help us do even more in 2024!

Fundraising Goals
ScienceWorks’ goal is to support our dynamic programming with additional contributions like yours. Additional funds will help us further support students and visitors alike in 2023 as we develop and improve our exciting new robotics program. Donations also help ensure ACCESS to museum experiences for all community members, in support of the Museums for All initiative. You can help put science into the hands of a future scientist!

Why Is This Important?
The world needs scientists. The problems we are experiencing today are opportunities for tomorrow’s inventors, explorers, researchers, and engineers. Giving to ScienceWorks is a simple way to make your own impact on young minds whose curiosity today leads to the solutions of tomorrow.

Become a Donor
It’s easy to donate to ScienceWorks! Make it monthly and support our inspirational programs that champion science and promote lifelong learning.


Donation Pass Request Guidelines

To help manage the requests for donated passes in a manner that maximizes the impact of our limited inventory designated for donations, ScienceWorks has established the following guidelines.

  • ScienceWorks is unable to grant monetary donations.

  • ScienceWorks is unable to grant passes to individuals or single family.

  • ScienceWorks has chosen to donate passes to local organizations whose work is congruent with our mission. Your organization must be raising funds for education or youth and family services, including medical disorder research and support. For example, school fundraisers or carnivals, children’s programs, scholarship funds, and services to individuals with medical conditions would all qualify as eligible.

  • The donation of ScienceWorks passes must result in a direct cash benefit to your organization. For example, we will donate passes to be included in a raffle or auction that generates cash gifts to your organization. We do not donate passes to be used as complimentary door prizes, employee or volunteer incentives, or thank-you gifts.

  • A letter of request should be sent to Your request must be received a minimum of 30 days prior to your organization’s event or donation receipt deadline (whichever is earlier.) Phone requests will not be considered.

  • Once your request has been received and approved, a response and passes will be sent to your organization.

  • Passes are limited to 4 per organization per calendar year.

    ScienceWorks receives many requests for passes every day. Please allow time for us to respond to your request and refrain from calling to follow up on the status of your request. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we are unable to return individual phone calls. We appreciate your consideration as we try our best to meet the needs of the communities we all serve! Donation requests that include a self-addressed envelope and paid postage will receive a response within 10 business days, upon receipt of request. Note, this does not guarantee donations.