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  • Marvel at the Monster Carnival of Ashland Aerial Dancers and Stilt-walkers at the entrance of the museum.
  • Inside you will find the Wizard's Great Hall and a Potion Mixery hosted by TreeHouse Books. More grownup Potions will be available at the Scary Saloon no-host bar.
  • Dance to the terrorizing tunes of DJ Veach in the Ghoulish Graveyard.
  • Hack-a-Pumpkin (with power tools) in the Great Pumpkin Patch and try fiendish hands-on experiments with ScienceWorks Mad Scientist staff in Frankenstein's Lab.  Partygoers who bring a carved pumpkin to build the Great Wall of Pumpkins will be entered into our raffle to win great prizes.
  • Create Pepper's Ghost Holograms and watch vintage Halloween shorts and movies in the Sinister Cinema.
  • Make a paper flower and light a candle for the ancestors at our Ancestors Portal in memory of Sarah Wood.*
  • Visit the Fortune Teller Forest to learn the mystic art of tarot or to find your Animal Familiar.
  • Build your own Cardboard Costume and enter our Creepy Costume Contest and Raffle to win spooktacular prizes.
  • Festivities include performances of A Nightmare before Xmas by Pointe Performance and  Ashland Danceworks Thriller.  Ashland Witches will lead partygoers in a flash mob style performance of the German Witch Dance.
  • Trick or Treat Treasure Hunt will guide you to find hidden monsters, spooky surprises, and so much more.
  • Capture your Monster Ball memories at the Monster Photo Booth.
  • Festive food trucks will offer monstrous munches.

Members only Hack-O-Lantern Workshop -  Carve your own pumpkin using power tools, then modify them with motors and lights! This workshop requires pre-registration and a nominal materials fee to participate.

The spooky schedule:

4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Monster Carnival by Ashland Aerial Arts
Costume Contest: Ages 0-12 and Family
Vintage Halloween shorts in the Sinister Cinema
DJ Veach's terrorizing tunes
German Witch Dance flash mob

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Costume contest ages 13 + and couples
Pointe Performance Nightmare before Xmas
Ashland Dance Works Thriller
DJ Veach's even more Terrorizing Tunes
Vintage Horror Films in the Sinister Cinema

Money raised will contribute to the following charities: The Ethan Jostad Foundation, The Sparrow Club, Southern Oregon Candlelighters and ScienceWorks.

Event Sponsers

Mad science demos Ticket
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