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Travel the world from the ScienceWorks Theater.  Choose an aircraft and experience real time weather and true-to-life geography brought to you with Google Maps satellite data.




This extraordinary immersive 3D Anatomy Exhibit allows the participant to move through multiple cameras and see their cross sections before them.

Featured: Take Flight

Summer 2022 Get more information now.

Rockets, Planes, and Helicopters! Learn different designs that allow various aircraft to soar and engineer your very own aircraft and put your designs to the test.

How high you can launch your rocket?

How far will your paper airplane glide?

How long will your helicopter hover?


Find out this summer!

The Science Theater

Now Showing Sea Dragons!

Made possible by a generous donation from Dick and Elaine Sweet, the ScienceWorks Sci-Theater is the best place to see science-themed movies from around the world. Check the Events page for future lectures and happenings. The theater seats 60 people with a state of the art sound system and 60-foot screen. The Science Theater is fully ADA accessible. Want to host a full-screen experience for your school or group? Click here to find out more.

Year Round Exhibits

Exhibits at ScienceWorks touch on a multitude of fascinating phenomena!

Our year-round exhibits include explorations in Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Earth/Space Sciences, and Engineering/Technology.

Our full-service exhibits shop creates exhibits that are rotated out periodically. Come investigate a classic or pick a new favorite! There is always something great for all ages at ScienceWorks!

DaVinci's Garage

DaVinci’s Garage is a lab and workshop for visitors and ScienceWorks researchers alike! Collaborate, build, test, collect, & analyze data through scientific investigation in this interactive space!

Inside DaVinci's Garage, anything can happen! You may find yourself developing a perfect paper airplane or creating a stop motion animation, whatever the case, there is always something happening in DaVinci's Garage.

Be a guinea pig! Here at ScienceWorks we build and manufacture museum exhibits. We need people to try them out. Sign up here to be an exhibit tester!

ScienceWorks Plaza

Located on an acre meadow in the heart of Ashland, we offer free outdoor exhibits and  picnicking area. 

Enjoy the mountain views while traversing Climb Through Time, or tell your friend a secret from across the pavilion using the Listening Dish.

Every year, the ScienceWorks Plaza hosts a wide range of events, from Earth Day to private weddings. Whatever your event is, make it awesome by hosting it at ScienceWorks! 

Pacific Crest Cove

Research shows that high-quality, hands-on, play-based, educational experiences are key to human development.

Pacific Crest Cove is dedicated to supporting the scientific explorations of our youngest visitors.

Featuring The Ship Playhouse, Crawlers Corner, and Crane Play, PCC is your little one's ticket to fun. Unlimited adventures for our tiniest explorers and their parents!

Special Online Exhibit: Free the Vaccine

Creativity vs. COVID: Ending the Pandemic for Good shares work from the Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 collective, from handmade gifts to parody music videos. It introduces audiences to key issues that limit access to medicine and provides robust methods anyone can use to advocate for change from anywhere, especially at this time of social distancing.

ScienceWorks is pleased to participate in this virtual exhibit. Visit freethevaccine.org to view the entire collection.