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For the health and safety of our visitors, staff, and community, some of our exhibits are temporarily closed. These include:

Bubble-ology, DaVinci's Garage, Jam Room, Dark Science, and Pacific Crest Cove (formerly Discovery Island), and others.

Featured: Pterosaurs

pterosaurs exhibit icon

Open Summer 2020! Get more information now.


Pterosaurs explores the majesty and wonder of a group of species that lived between the Late Triassic through the Late Cretaceous Periods (228 to 66 million years ago) of the Mesozoic Era. This exhibition features fossil replicas mixed with eight cutting edge digital interactive stations showcasing the evolution, diversity, and lifestyle of this intriguing group of species.

DaVinci's Garage (temporarily closed)


DaVinci’s Garage is a lab and workshop for visitors and ScienceWorks researchers alike to collaboratively design, build, test, and collect & analyze data through experiments!

The exhibits and activities are under development; we invite visitors to participate in the process of refining and improving them!

Discovery Island (temporarily closed)


We are very exicited about our 1,000-square-foot space designed exclusively for kids 5 years old and younger. Discovery

Island features: The Shipwreck Playhouse, Coconut Hollow, Crawlers Cove, and the Thatched Hut Reading Nook. Unlimited adventures for our tiniest explorers and their parents!

Activities & Programs


From ScienceLIVE! demonstrations to the Painting Pendulum, there's always something happening at ScienceWorks! Click here to find out more!


Outdoor Exhibits


Located on an acre meadow in the heart of Ashland, we offer free outdoor exhibits and a picnic area. Enjoy the mountain views while traversing Climb Through Time, or tell your friend a secret from across the pavilion using the Listening Dish. Plan a visit to find out more!




Year Round Exhibits


Year-Round Exhibits - ScienceWorks' exhibits touch on a multitude of fascinating phenomena!

Explore energy, anatomy, chemistry, perception, motion, and more.