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2021-2022 Education Program Offerings

We're excited to bring back some old favorites and share new, innovative STEM programming with you this year. Check out our exciting, NGSS-aligned opportunities for the year!

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Field Trips

Make memories at ScienceWorks! Bring your class to the museum for a field trip full of hands-on, STEM activities they won't forget.

Field trips include a workshop and time for self-guided museum exploration. For Fall 2021, field trips are only available in the AM session. Book now and don't miss out! 

2021-2022 Workshop Selections:

  • Engineering with LEGO (K-8)
    In our popular LEGO engineering workshops, students work together to solve problems, use critical thinking skills, and work together in order to complete engineering challenges.
  • STEM Storytelling (PK-8)
    This workshop blends common core literacy standards with STEM investigations. Students put their problem solving skills to the test, using engineering and design skills to create solutions for problems in favorite stories.
  • Marble Roller Coaster (K-8)
    Back by popular request! This classic STEM workshop combines engineering and design skills with opportunities for inquiry. A great launching or culminating activity for a unit on forces.
  • Outdoor Investigators (PK-8)
    This outdoor workshop encourages students to observe, record, and find out more about how life is interconnected using natural specimens
  • How to book? Field Trips are two hours long and can accommodate up to 120 students on-site at ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum.

Available: Tuesday - Friday
-9:30 - 11:30 AM (9:15 AM Arrival)
-10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (9:45 AM Arrival)

General Pricing (see below if you are a Title 1 school): $9 per student.

  • Teachers and school staff are admitted free.
  • 1 chaperone is admitted free per 5 students.
  • Siblings under age 2 are admitted free.
  • Additional chaperones and siblings aged two and up are admitted at $9.00 per person.

Title I Pricing is available! $5 per student.

  • Teachers and school staff admitted free.
  • 1 chaperone admitted free per 5 students.
  • Siblings under age 2 admitted free.
  • Additional chaperones and siblings aged two and up admitted at $9.00 each.

Outreach Visits

Can't make it to the museum? Our ScienceWorks educators will come to you! Our staff will visit your class for plenty of hands-on, inquiry driven fun. Are you ready for NGSS-aligned, hands-on, STEM activities for your Pre-K - 8th grade group?

  • Show and Share Visits - Our ScienceWorks staff will come with interesting specimens and stories from the field as a launch point into hands-on inquiry. Students can investigate, observe, and handle specimens like rocks, fossils, bones, and more. 
  • Maker Visits - Our ScienceWorks staff will challenge students to stretch their creative problem-solving skills. Students will use science and math skills as they engineer solutions to design challenges and create exciting projects that move, light up, and more.

Ready to book? Maker Visits are offered in 60 minute time blocks for groups of up to 30, with up to 120 minutes (aka two sessions!) per booking.

Available: Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 11:00 AM or 9:30 - 11:30 AM

Virtual Visits

You’re never too far away for engaging, hands-on STEM activities! ScienceWorks Virtual Visits connects your classroom, organization, or homeschool group with our facilitators for engineering inquiry. 

Virtual visits can be booked asynchronously! Students receive a packet with everything they need for the challenge, work to complete the challenge, then have a live ‘lab report’ session with a ScienceWorks facilitator. 

Ready to book? Live sessions are offered in 60 minute time blocks. Asynchronous sessions are 35 minutes. We can accommodate up to two classes per session. $120.00 per class.

Virtual Visit Workshops

Choose the workshop topic that fits your group best below!

  • Animal Engineers: Wildlife Crossings  (K-8)

    Students learn about how wildlife scientists and civil engineers work together to protect animals. After an introduction to Oregon DOT wildlife data analysis, students design, make, test, and improve model crossings for migratory wildlife. ScienceWorks facilitators virtually guide and encourage the process.

  • Animal Engineers: Animal Prosthetics (PK - 8)

    Students examine case studies of real animal patients and learn how biomedical engineering helps them recover from injuries. Then they design, make, and test model prosthetics for an animal client. ScienceWorks facilitators virtually guide and encourage the process.

Virtual Visit Assemblies

Host a virtual Back to School, Family Night, or other assembly that your school community will never forget! ScienceWorks will host a demo or engineering challenge with your school community. Our engineering challenges are a fun way to engage your school community in a shared goal!

Ready to book? All-school assembly pricing is $620.00 for 30 minutes.

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