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Field Trip Workshop Selections 2022-2023

We're excited to bring back some old favorites and share new, innovative STEM programming with you this year. Check out our exciting, NGSS-aligned opportunities for the year! This year we are excited to expand our offerings to High School students!

Find one you like? Don't miss out! Registration is now open!

Make memories at ScienceWorks! Bring your class to the museum for a field trip full of hands-on, STEM activities they won't forget.

Field trips include a workshop and time for self-guided museum exploration.


  • Engineering with LEGO (PreK-12th)

In our popular LEGO engineering workshops, students work together to solve problems, use critical thinking skills, and work together in order to complete engineering challenges.


  • Circuitry and Robotics (PreK-8th)

This workshops acts as an introduction to robotics and coding for our young students. For older students we take a deeper dive in more complex robotics concepts and circuitry investigations.


  • Chain Reaction Machines (PreK-12th)

This classic STEM workshop combines engineering and design skills to challenge students to build a Chain Reaction Machine. Students are tasked with designing a series of chain reactions in order to move their marble or ball from one point to another. A great launching or culminating activity for a unit on forces. 


  • STEM Challenge Stations: Mission: MARS! (PreK-12th) - NEW SPACE CHALLENGES IN 2023!

 In this engaging workshop students will rotate through up to 5 different space challenges each encouraging critical thinking, teamwork, and of course fun! 


  • Owl Pellet Dissections (3rd-12th)

In this workshop students dissect owl pellets, and practice identifying species. This activity is an excellent introduction to dissections and an introduction to concepts of taxonomy. This activity includes additional extension activities to further explore the owl pellet dissection


Pricing and Workshop Times

Workshop Times

Morning Slots Available: Tuesday - Friday
9:30 - 11:30 AM (9:15 AM Arrival)

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (9:45 AM Arrival)

Afternoon Slots Available: Tuesdays and Thursday

12:30 PM - 2:30PM (12:15PM Arrival Time)

Traveling from further than 40 miles? If your school is located 40 miles or further custom arrival times are available. Contact us to discuss details.


General Pricing (see below if you are a Title 1 school):  $180 for the first 20 students, then $9 per student add-on price. 

  • Teachers and school staff are admitted free.
  • 1 chaperone is admitted free per 5 students.
  • Siblings under age 2 are admitted free.
  • Additional chaperones and siblings aged two and up are admitted at $9.00 per person.

Title I Pricing is available! $120 for first 20 students, then $5 per student add-on price.

  • Teachers and school staff admitted free.
  • 1 chaperone admitted free per 5 students.
  • Siblings under age 2 admitted free.
  • Additional chaperones and siblings aged two and up admitted at $5.00 each.