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What Does an Architect Do?

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What kind of jobs do scientists do? Have you thought about how your home was designed and built? One of the people who designs homes is called an architect. Maya had a chance to talk with Lissa recently. Lissa is an architect who designs homes in high-rise buildings. Watch this interview to learn what questions Lissa thinks about when designing homes for people. You might even use some of those same questions to design a home or hotel for your backyard insects.

Watch the interview with Lissa, architect in Seattle

Want to try your architect skills with a fun tinkering project?

Build an insect hotel to see what kinds of animals you might have in your area! Think about questions like, what kind of materials would work best? How much space will the occupants need for their home? Will they need sunlight or shade?

Even though you are building for animals, you can ask some of the same questions that architects use when working on human homes. Try your ideas and see what you can build!