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Meet Our Summer Staff 2020!

At ScienceWorks our goal is to make sure your child is learning science in a safe environment, engaged in hands-on learning, and building a community of friends with like-minded individuals. Our incredible staff make it happen!


Education Manager, Summer Camp Manager, Camp Instructor


Hello, I'm Melissa. I originally came to the Rogue Valley to complete my master's at SOU and have stayed ever since. I live here with my adorable dog, Mopsey! I now am in charge of summer camps among other things at ScienceWorks! I will also be teaching a summer camp about a topic that is very close to my heart, using my childhood favorite, Spongebob Squarepants, to teach about Marine Biology! 


IMG_0785 (1)

Summer Camp Assistant


Hello! I grew up in Portland Oregon and came to Ashland for school. I am a swim instructor, worked at summer camps and I am currently in a classroom student teaching. I love being outside as much as I can taking pictures of the beauty around me. This will be my first summer at ScienceWorks!

IMG_4277 - halle Brandenburg (1)

Camp Instructor, Summer Camp Assistant


Hey, I'm Halle. Originally I'm from a small town in Alaska called Palmer.  I received a bachelor's in education through Southern Oregon University as well as a master's degree through them. I completed my student teaching through Talent elementary which was a wonderful learning experience. I also was a teaching assistant for Pomegranate Preschool of the Arts. I also love reading, writing, paddle boarding, swimming, and hanging out with my friends. This will be my second year with ScienceWorks, I started last year as a college intern, and I am excited about another fun summer!

45816 - Toby Gabrielsen (1)

ScienceLIVE Guy, Volunteer Coordinator, Camp Instructor


Hey! I'm Toby, I am originally from the Chicago area and am a retired firefighter/paramedic. Now I enjoy doing crazy ScienceLIVE demonstrations, and playing with my two big dogs Grizz and Tuna! I am looking forward to teaching all about Legos this summer! 

IMG_5681 (1)

Education Coordinator, Camp Instructor


Hi, I'm Ash. I'm from Kansas originally and have lived in various parts of the USA, including Dallas, Kansas City, Tucson, and Saint Louis. I was attracted to the Rogue Valley because I've been coming out to see plays at OSF for years. I'm an illustrator and love collecting and drawing natural objects. I also love reading and writing about science, reading fiction, seeing plays, and writing short stories. My favorite places to go on trips are to museums. I'm really looking forward to teaching this summer!

IMG_2622 - Lisa Nelson

Camp Instructor


Hello, I'm Lisa. I'm originally from California and moved here because I liked the community. I taught environmental policy and management and regenerative studies at Cal Poly Pomona for about 15 years. As a mom, I helped out with Girl Scout camps and earlier was a lifeguard and soccer coach for younger players. My hobbies include art (mainly collage and photography), cooking, hiking, and leading trips. I'm looking forward to my first summer with ScienceWorks!

P1090035 - Karina Hassell

Camp Instructor


Hey, I'm Karina. I am currently working on obtaining an M.S. in Environmental Education at SOU. I have dedicated the three previous years, in developing and implementing a science outreach program for public schools and high-risk communities through the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. I have also worked doing natural interpretation in state and national parks in the U.S In my free time, I enjoy reading suspense novels, hiking, dancing, and trying new foods.

me bugged - Will Jackson

Camp Instructor

Mr. Jackson AKA Bug Guy!

Hello! I've lived in Medford all of my life. I have been 12 years as the BUG Guy.....BUGS-R-US Educational Services.  I have degrees in communication and biology. This will be my second summer camp with ScienceWorks! I am looking forward to a FUN FILLED SUMMER!

Camp Instructor


Hello, I'm Rosie! I have been working for ScienceWorks summer camps for 3 summers! I am originally from Carbondale, IL. I have been teaching Kindergarten at Children's World Montessori, and I am so excited to be back for another fun summer at ScienceWorks!

IMG_4926 - Rob Harrington

Camp Instructor


Hello, I'm Rob. I grew up in Silverton, Oregon, and moved to Camas Valley (OR) in 1990 when I got my first teaching job. I taught in Camas Valley until 2000 when I got married. I was hired in the Three Rivers School District and moved to Medford. I have been a classroom teacher for over 30 years, and have taught all grades for kindergarten to 8th grade. In my free time, I enjoy building various types of electric guitars, playing guitar and ukulele, reading, fishing, and hiking.

Headshot - Selina Bragg

Camp Instructor

Miss Selina or Seli

I have been teaching Art both formally and informally to people of all ages for years. It has been my lifelong dream to live in Oregon! My hobbies are anything that involves Art and Nature!

This is my first year working at ScienceWorks and looking forward to it!

Camp Instructor


I grew up in Seattle, lived in Ashland for three years, then raised my kids in Virginia. My husband and I always dreamed of returning to the Rogue Valley...and in 2018, we did just that! I have over twenty-five years developing and leading nature education and outdoor recreation programs, summer day camps, and much more for kids of all ages! I received a BS in Forestry-Wildland Recreation from Washington State University and have a plethora of training and experience! I have known about Science Works since they began, but this is my first time teaching them!

I am also the founder of Woodsong Nature School. 
70603460_10219711911846276_2040835684440211456_o - Forrester Merripen

Camp Instructor


I am from Amherst Massachusetts, originally. My parents moved out here to the Rogue Valley, and I joined them. I currently teach martial arts to children. In my free time, I enjoy Martial arts, Board games/RPGs, and Circus work.  This is my first time working with ScienceWorks and it has been tons of fun to help design this camp. I am really excited to see how everyone enjoys it!

Camp Instructor


I am currently a primary grade teacher. I loved in the rogue valley for ten years before moving to Mexico.  I have worked with ScienceWorks for about 5 years working with camps, teaching field trips, developing programs, and volunteering.
I love to read and watch Informational programs. I enjoy my time playing with my dog, walking in my neighborhood and traveling.
I'm excited to teach and share my knowledge with the campers! But most of all, I'm excited to get to know each camper, master challenges, get messy, and have fun!
Lomeli Profile Picture - Maya Lomeli

Camp Instructor


I have been working at ScienceWorks for a year in June! I have been a camp counselor, and done STEM outreach programs. I am orginally from Seattle, WA before moving here for school at SOU. I work another job at Jackson County Library services so I do not have much time for hobbies, but I like to write and travel in my limited free time

Camp Instructor


I have been connected with ScienceWorks since 2012, originally as a volunteer, editor of the preschool newsletter, and later as a summer camp instructor.  Currently, I facilitate summer camps and work in the ScienceWorks outreach program, bringing science labs to schools throughout the valley.  I am also the co-founder and Executive Director of Operation Rambo, a non-profit that raises and trains service dogs for disabled veterans.
In addition to my work with ScienceWorks, I teach for the City of Medford and City of Central Point in addition to working as a substitute at Kids Unlimited and in the Medford School District.  I am also the ASPIRE Coordinator at Eagle Point High School.  I hold a Master of Arts in Education from Ball State University.  I live in Grants Pass with my husband, Nate, and my two adorable labradoodles, Chewbacca and Friday.  I enjoy travel, scrapbooking, live music, and theater.
2E859EFE-AC3C-4763-9238-0BA9AC764B6C - Bashira Muhammad

Camp Instructor


I’m a student by day and a mycologist by trade. I manage a mushroom farm and mycology company and I do it because it’s my passion. I’m passionate about Mycology because I believe it can really help us take on some major environmental challenges like soil pollution and environmental degradation. Another thing I really care about is supporting youth in building their desired reality and my first job was being a summer camp counselor and after school program assistant with the YMCA. That job was apart of my life through the end of high school and beginning of college.

I am also the founder of Zoom Out Mycology.