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ScienceWorks Supports Black Lives Matter

ScienceWorks supports #BlackLivesMatter. We, the ScienceWorks Board of Directors, understand that racism and injustice are deeply rooted in our society. We know the work of dismantling systemic racism is a process that requires action. We are taking steps to improve within our own organization, our exhibits, and advisory groups. We are committed to including BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) scientists and patrons in our community of colleagues, advisors, and partners.

What actions we are taking:

  • Creating a Cultural Advisory Group to develop practices to improve diversity and representation at ScienceWorks.
  • Using our platform to amplify the work and voices of BIPOC scientists.
  • Seeking participation from BIPOC science professionals in our advisory groups.

We understand these are just first steps in an ongoing and intentional process toward transformation within our organization and society. We embrace the opportunity to be part of the change.