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loom materials

Make a Loom and Weave with Natural Materials

Looms are related to computers! In 1801, Joseph-Marie Jacquard improved on a design for an automatic loom by making it programmable with punch cards. This…

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science journal cover

How to Make a Science Journal

A science journal is an essential piece of equipment. Scientists record their observations, predictions, and experiments in a journal. You can use any ordinary notebook…

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engineering project zipline instruction

Zipline Engineering Project

Are you ready for a fun engineering project? Engineering is using science to find ways to solve problems. An engineer starts with an idea, then…

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home science supplies

Home Science Kit: Build Your Own

If you have a home science kit ready to go, you can do your own science activities and investigations anytime. You can think like a…

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home science project materials

Straw Rocket Science Activity Instructions

Straw Rocket: Build, Launch and Learn Difficulty: Easy for ages 8+ Safety tip: Never aim your straw rocket at anything living. It can fly fast!…

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toby welcomes to scienceworks

ScienceWorks Online – Science Activities

ScienceWorks Online is a new way to connect people with our science activities, available anywhere! This is where we share video demonstrations, downloadable activities, and…

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