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toby building bubble shapes

Bubble Geometry: Why Are Bubbles Round?

Why are bubbles round? What happens if you dip a non-round object into a bucket of bubble juice? Can you blow a triangular bubble? Let’s…

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Super Bubble Solution

Super Bubble Solution (ScienceWorks bubble solution recipe) Objective: Let’s explore more about the science of bubbles. First, we’ll make a recipe for super big, super…

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Backyard Bingo Board

Backyard Bird Bingo

Backyard Bird Bingo Objective: Bird watching is a great way to practice noticing details about birds and to practice learning scientific classification! Print up the…

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Make your own droid arm

Build a Droid Arm

Build a Droid Arm Objective: Can you make a droid arm that could pick up a cup? In the Star Wars universe, Droids are machines,…

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Make a Speeder Bike Hoop Glider

Speeder Bike Hoop Glider Activity

Speeder Bike/Hoop Glider Objective: Make a glider and learn about the physics of flight. Difficulty Level: Easy (ages 8-14) / Medium (ages 6-8) Download (PDF):…

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blaster sound activity

Space Blaster Sound Effect Activity

Space Sound Maker (Pew Pew Blaster SFX) Objective: You can make a sound effect generator that sounds like a space blaster! It is perfect for…

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kyber crystals candy activity

Edible Kyber Crystals

Edible Kyber Crystals Objective: In the Star Wars universe kyber crystals are rare, and prized because they were essential to constructing a lightsaber. You can…

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DIY Kaleidoscope

How to Build a Kaleidoscope

Our giant walk-in kaleidoscope at ScienceWorks is always a favorite place for visitors. Have you ever tried using our walk-in kaleidoscope, by yourself or with…

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Egg Protector Science Activity

Objective: Make an egg protector, a device to keep the egg shell from breaking when you drop it. Difficulty: Easy (Ages 8-14); Easy with help…

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Insect Hotel

Insect Hotel: Earth Day Engineering Project

Objective: We can encourage beneficial insects to our yards by making them an insect hotel. Difficulty Level: Easy (all ages) Download and Print (PDF): Earth…

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Pollinator Packet

DIY Pollinator Packets

Objective: You can help native pollinators by making some pollinator packets in this DIY activity brought to you by ScienceWorks Online. These are small spheres…

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egg in vinegar experiment

Eggshell in Vinegar Experiment

Eggshells are quite strong, even though they are considered fragile. Birds have evolved to make eggs that are hard to break. Of course, that doesn’t…

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