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engineering willie klassen headshot

Engineering: Spotlight on Willie Klassen

Engineers design and make many of the objects around us. Willie Klassen is an engineer who works at Schilling Robotics. Learn more about how Willie…

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galaxy collision simulator

Galaxy Collision Simulator

 Galaxy Collision Simulator Instructions Quick start – try these two icon buttons – try pressing the Rewind Simulation icon (in pink) to restart the…

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buoyancy duck float

Buoyancy Testing: Will it Sink or Float?

Buoyancy Buoyancy is the upward force of a fluid on an object that is immersed in it. Put simply, the more buoyant an object is,…

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mae jemison photo from National Archives

Mae Jemison Featured Scientist

Meet Mae Jemison Mae Jemison is today’s featured scientist in the spotlight. Mae Jemison was born in Alabama in 1956, and grew up in Illinois.…

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wildlife lab specimen puma skulls

What Does a Wildlife Forensics Scientist Do?

There are many kinds of science in the world, and even a greater variety of scientists who practice them! Today, Maya is talking with Johnnie…

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Diddey Bow Activity

Build a Diddley-Bow Stringed Musical Instrument

DIY Diddley-Bow Objective: To build a basic diddley-bow in this do it yourself activity. The diddley-bow is an instrument much older than a viol, harp,…

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architect lissa photo

What Does an Architect Do?

What kind of jobs do scientists do? Have you thought about how your home was designed and built? One of the people who designs homes…

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docking simulator screenshot

Space Station Docking Simulator

Launching astronauts into space is just part of a mission. One of the most important parts involves docking with the International Space Station (ISS). In…

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fish schooling simulator screenshot

Swim in a School of Fish

Have you ever wanted to swim in a school of fish? What would you have to know to be good at it? What rules could…

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spectroscope example photo

DIY Spectroscope

Objective: Would you like to hold a rainbow in your hand? With a spectroscope, you can! You can make this device from simple materials you…

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astronauts nasa spacex crew

Astronauts Launch from US Tomorrow #LaunchAmerica

Astronauts have not launched from the United States since 2011, and tomorrow’s mission is the beginning of a new era of space travel. NASA and…

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DIY Drawing Machine

DIY Drawing Machine Objective: Create a drawing machine to make complex mathematical patterns. Explore the science on how gears move. Have you ever played with…

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