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Quarantine Pioneer, Ibn Sina

Quarantine isn’t new Quarantine has become a common word in our 2020 vocabulary. Did you know this is a long-established practice for helping stop the…

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Chimpanzee Researcher and activist, Dr. Jane Goodall

Chimpanzees are closely related to humans, and British primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall is best known for her research of wild chimpanzees. Learn more about Dr.…

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lonnie johnson photo

Lonnie Johnson Coloring Page

Dr. Lonnie Johnson is a mechanical and nuclear engineer. After graduate school, he joined the US Air Force, and later worked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion…

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air filter fan project thumbnail

Filter Smoke with Duct Fan Bin

Smoke from wildfires and dust in the air can make it difficult to breathe sometimes. If you live in a place with lots of particulates…

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filter fan project video still

Box Fan Filter Instructions

Why Filter the Air? ScienceWorks is located in Oregon, where we are having some wildfires right now. There is quite a bit of smoke, dust,…

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camera obscura room

Turn Your Room Into a Camera Obscura

What is a camera obscura? While it might have “camera” in its name, a camera obscura is actually more like a projector. It is a…

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DNA photographer Rosalind Franklin

DNA Photographer Rosalind Franklin

DNA Photographer: Spotlight Scientist Rosalind Franklin was born in London in 1920, and decided by age 15 that she wanted to be a scientist. Rosalind…

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Mars portal screengrab

Mars 2020 Video Series

Welcome, Mars fans! Later this summer, NASA will launch the Mars Rover Perseverance. Since ancient times, humans have been fascinated with Mars. It has earned…

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engineering willie klassen headshot

Engineering: Spotlight on Willie Klassen

Engineers design and make many of the objects around us. Willie Klassen is an engineer who works at Schilling Robotics. Learn more about how Willie…

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galaxy collision simulator

Galaxy Collision Simulator

 Galaxy Collision Simulator Instructions Quick start – try these two icon buttons – try pressing the Rewind Simulation icon (in pink) to restart the…

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buoyancy duck float

Buoyancy Testing: Will it Sink or Float?

Buoyancy Buoyancy is the upward force of a fluid on an object that is immersed in it. Put simply, the more buoyant an object is,…

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mae jemison photo from National Archives

Mae Jemison Featured Scientist

Meet Mae Jemison Mae Jemison is today’s featured scientist in the spotlight. Mae Jemison was born in Alabama in 1956, and grew up in Illinois.…

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