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Lemonade Tea Ceremony

Dec 1, 2020

Tea Ceremony During a brief window of opening last summer I was fortunate to spend a couple of nights in the Jedediah Smith Redwoods. I was nestling into the giant trees, channeling the thoughts of a little forest fox, when I came across a couple who invited me to share some black jasmine tea with them. They were very quiet. They sat on a rug. They waited for what seemed like a long time before pouring the tea. They passed me a cup but only after they decided the perfect side of the cup to offer. I drank the tea,…

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What’s Up in the Night Sky: November 2020

Nov 10, 2020
moon image from nasa

By Colin White, NASA Solar System Ambassador. The end of Fall and the beginning of Winter is a great time to go out in the evening and look at the night sky. The Sun is now beginning to set in the early evening (around 5 PM on November 1), which means you can go out well before bedtime and before it gets too cold. Most of the objects discussed can be seen by the naked eye or using a pair of binoculars. Our Moon Most amateur astronomers with telescopes prefer to examine the night sky when the sky is dark…

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