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Your Support Funds the Future!

Goal: $100,000

Your support makes awesome things happen!

$50: Provide a remote science camp activity box for one student

$250: Purchase a digital microscope for online biology activities

$500: Provide a digital tablet for a student to access online science

$1,000: Fund a ScienceLIVE broadcast

$5,000: Enable development of one complete online science camp

$10,000: Fund a virtual field trip tour

We appreciate every dollar. Thank you!

Donations of $1000+ are acknowledged with a one-year Founders' Circle pass!

Every donation helps to inspire curiosity, creativity, and wonder. We can do more with your support!

How did you feel the first time you saw a meteor streak across the night sky? Do you remember the amazement of discovering how many microscopic organisms live in a drop of pond water? Can you picture the faces of a dozen first-graders watching an electricity demonstration for the first time? These are the experiences ScienceWorks provides.

ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum is dedicated to serving the needs of students and families in Southern Oregon and beyond. The pandemic closure has given us an opportunity to quickly develop new ways to deliver engaging science education online. Not only does this new project make the ScienceWorks experience accessible to more local students, but it extends the reach of our work by thousands of miles. We are adapting our exhibit materials, developing new facilitated activities for online interaction, and are investigating ways to deliver field trips and summer camps remotely. The closure has been difficult, but we are meeting the challenge with energy and innovation. With additional audio and video equipment, digital production tools, and improvements to our demonstration materials, we will build ScienceWorks Online into an exemplary and future-ready program. We would love to have your support!

ScienceWorks matters to me because...

As a school teacher, field trips make the things we study in class come alive. My ScienceWorks field trips are one of the things the kids are most excited about every year! (Mardi)


ScienceWorks Matters because I take my preschool kids here. I run an in-home day care center and ScienceWorks is a safe, fun, learning environment. (Lainy)

ScienceWorks Matters because I always take my grandchildren here when they visit. I live in Applegate and going to ScienceWorks is always a big part of their annual visit. I also come to ScienceWorks for the Wine event, which is interesting! (Mada)