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ScienceWorks Supports Early Childhood Education

At ScienceWorks we understand that early childhood is a crucial part of a child's educational journey. We support young learners in a variety of ways.



Preschool PhD is currently suspended due to COVID 19. Please check back to see updates.

For Parents

Below are activities for parents of children aged 3 - 6. Please remember you must stay present with your child at all times. ScienceWorks does not provide daycare.

Monday Mornings with ScienceWorks - Special Preschool Programming

Included with your membership, enjoy an exclusive time to join ScienceWorks educators in the museum with your little ones. This program will give your child an opportunity to explore basic science concepts in a quiet and calm environment. The museum will also be open to free exploration in the museum when ScienceWorks is closed to the general public. Enjoy a quiet and safe space for your little one to learn and experiment with science.

See our upcoming events on the calendar below.


For Schools or Groups

Do you have a group of young children looking for a first science experience? ScienceWorks offers a variety of options for your group!  Teachers and chaperones must supervise your group, please remember ScienceWorks does not provide daycare.

Hands-On Workshops and Museum Visits

Enjoy the museum as a group and receive educational programming specifically for young children. Below is a description of a Hands-On Workshop option and a Museum Visit option.


Hands-On Workshop Option

Signing up for a Hands-On Workshop is the full field trip option for your group! Enjoy a 3-part program including a ScienceLIVE show, Hands-On Workshop, and museum exploration time. A ScienceLIVE Show is live science demonstrations to your group. Hands-On Workshops are facilitated by a ScienceWorks educator in one of our classrooms.

Our currently Hands-On Workshop options are:

A version of our Hands-On Workshop is available at ScienceWorks or at your school.

  • Engineering with LEGOs: In our popular LEGO engineering challenge, students work together to solve problems, use critical thinking skills, and work together in order to complete engineering challenges.
  • Magnet Magic: This program introduces students to scientific inquiry and exploration by experimenting with magnets.
  • Busy Bots : Students learn about the fundamentals of code and practice programming their busy bots to complete various mazes and tasks.

Museum Visit Option

Museum visits are a slimmed-down version of the Hands-On Workshop option. Your group will receive a ScienceLIVE and free exploration time in the museum.

For more information on cost and scheduling please visit our field trip's page