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Fire Glove

It’s a refillable lighter with the nozzle from a BBQ lighter and the fuel restrictor valve turned to the left so it lets out more fuel at once. It does not come with an ignition system because the one that came with was too hard to push down. I got the idea while building a shock glove and wanted to fill the lighters with difluoroethane.

ScienceWorks says: Totally Awesome! We are so excited about this project, and we know you are keeping a fire extinguisher nearby and working safely. We noticed that you made your fire glove out of a fire-safe glove – Just like the movies. Good choice. The no-smoking sign cracks us up!

For our readers – Difluoroethane is a colorless, odorless gas that is used in aerosol sprays and gas dusters. It is extremely flammable. It is also dangerous when inhaled. ScienceWorks promotes safe science!

Keep up the good work!