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Home Science Kit: Build Your Own

home science supplies

If you have a home science kit ready to go, you can do your own science activities and investigations anytime. You can think like a scientist anywhere! Scientists notice the world around them, and ask lots of questions. They try to figure out why things happen, and are always curious.

These materials can help you discover so many exciting things about the world around you.

You can keep your science materials in a shoebox or plastic bin. If your investigations take you out of the house, turn your home science kit into a mobile science lab and put it into a backpack or reusable grocery bag with handles, so it’s easy to carry. Then, when you want to do a project, you have everything in one place. If you don’t have exactly the same material as what’s on the list, think of a way you can use something you have.

Home Science Kit Materials

home science supplies

Some things that can go into a science activity kit.

A pencil
A permanent marker
A tape measure or small ruler
A small magnifying glass
An eye dropper
A flashlight
Clear tape
Masking tape
Coffee filters
Cotton balls
Tin (aluminum) foil
Small plastic cups or containers with lids
Sandwich bags that can seal shut

Not every science kit needs to have the exact same materials. This is just a list of things we use frequently for activities at ScienceWorks. Depending on what you are doing, you may need different supplies and ingredients in your own kit. Stay curious, and think like a scientist!

Printable Resources

Download and print this guide: Home Science Kit: Build Your Own