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Filter Smoke with Duct Fan Bin

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smoke filter project

Tape over any gaps so smoke and dust can’t bypass the filter.

Smoke from wildfires and dust in the air can make it difficult to breathe sometimes. If you live in a place with lots of particulates (small pieces of matter like smoke, ash, dust, pollen) in the air, you might want a way to remove some of those things from your home. Earlier this week, Ash and Leah demonstrated one way to combine air filters with a box fan. In this video, our friend Eric shares another design that can help filter some of the pollutants from the air. This project uses some materials that you might have around your home, or that you can find at your local hardware or garden store.


Plastic storage bin (Eric used an 18 gallon bin)
Furnace filter (16x20x1 inch)
Duct fan (aka squirrel cage blower)
Box cutter
Wire cutter
Crescent wrench
Socket wrench
Four bolts, nuts, washers
Duct tape

Follow the step-by-step instructions in Eric’s demonstration video to make your own storage bin filter system. Be careful with the cutting, and make sure to keep things away from the spinning fan while it is running. Stay safe!

Thanks to Eric Cerecedes of MycoFormulas, Inc. for helping out with this great design and demonstration! Eric builds these filtration bins for friends who are affected by wildfire smoke here in Southern Oregon.