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Elisha Gray’s Telephone, Part 3


August 1, 2025

I have good news and bad news. The good news: I’ve built Mark I of the Quantunnel (I’ve also settled on a name) and it (almost) works. I still had some bugs to work out, but I have a good feeling about this one. But it wasn’t easy—it was all I did since last entry; it took me a year to design, (long before I bought this journal) and to study for it—well, let’s just say it was a well spent 30 years. But now, it’s more glorious than ever, looking like a telephone booth with a curved door and a control panel, and of course, no telephone. The two main problems with Mark I are one: the chance of ‘tunneling doesn’t occur reliably, and two: when animals ‘tunnel, they lose neural pathways ( I didn’t test it on real animals. It was a mouse clone). I’ve ironed out the kinks in my second design, though; which brings me to the very bad news.

The other day, Martins came to my mid-century modern apartment (It’s a nice futuristic/nostalgic mix for an inventor like me) and sat in one of my red vinyl armchairs. He asked to call a temporary truce, and I (totally unbegrudgingly) agreed. We talked for a while, then he asked to examine my design. I said yes, but I didn’t watch him closely enough, because when he left, it was gone. It should be fine, though. He’ll never build it in time. Only I have the experience to do that.

Stay tuned for the last installment of Elisha Gray’s telephone next month!