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Elisha Gray’s Telephone, Part 2


July 7th, 2025

I suppose my last entry is due some clarification from Yours Truly. About the patent; it’s for quantum technologies no. 2, quantum tunneling. I would explain it to you, but it’s too complex. I’ll give you the simple version: on a quantum scale (smaller than microscopic) some particles like neutrons are so small that rather than going arounda barrier, it will pass throughthe obstacle instead.

Oh, and about my competitor—uhhhh. He’s annoying, to say the least. But I used to work for the guy, hard as it is to believe. Okay, I phrased that wrong. It’s not like we had some longhistory together. I worked withhim more than forhim, and it wasn’t even a real job (and yes, in case you’re wondering, of course he’s a business man. He’s the C.E.O. of an invention patent office). I came to his company to patent my quantum tunneler, he found out, and then said he wanted to come see me. He said he had the same idea a while ago; he wanted to develop it with me. I said no, and one thing led to

another. We’re now each trying to file an independent patent for the same (my) invention. It’s extremely difficult, though (did I already say that?) I’m fast, but Martin’s could be faster…