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Stay Inspired with ScienceWorks, Wherever You Are!

To encourage curiosity, discovery, and fun, ScienceWorks is launching a new 9-week Fall educational series, “Bite-Sized Science”, geared towards school-aged learners and their families. With a new release every Wednesday, kids will get a chance to try out new, bite-sized science experiences guided in short videos by museum staff.

Each video will be accompanied by a free, downloadable PDF guide and will make great use of the FREE ScienceWorks toolkits sponsored by Bennion Orthodontics of Medford & anonymous donors. Each kit contains an assortment of science tools like a magnifying lens, beaker, funnel, pipette, grease pencil, metric ruler, Petri dish, dissecting forceps, diffraction grating, and safety goggles. There are 500 free kits available, and all interested learners should order now to receive their kit, weekly videos, and science experience guides.

Bite-Sized Science begins Wednesday, October 13th!

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ScienceWorks has distributed all 500 kits

If you would like a last minute kit, you may be able to pick up a kit in person at the museum Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm, inquire during this time by phone 541-708-5265 at the front desk as supplies are very limited.

The world needs scientists. The problems we are experiencing today are opportunities for tomorrow’s inventors, explorers, researchers, and engineers. Children are naturally curious, and our goal is to provide them with opportunities for discovery and learning. Tomorrow’s solutions start with today’s science projects.