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Adult Programming with ScienceWorks

Join ScienceWorks staff for programming specifically designed for adults! ScienceWorks staff focus on a positive, educational, and fun experience for all involved.

ScienceWorks Outreach: Staff Team Building

Staff building with ScienceWorks will bring engaging and hands-on activities to your place of business. Facilitated by ScienceWorks staff, participants will be challenged with up to 10 different engineering challenges or science inquiry activities. Think your staff is too old to build with Legos? Think again! ScienceWorks Staff Team Building Outreach Program provides a fun and safe environment for your staff to play and learn together. This program can also be done at ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum. 


Educator Professional Development with ScienceWorks

ScienceWorks Staff are experts in hands-on science and inquiry. ScienceWorks staff can provide an engaging and educational professional development program for your educators. This program can be done at your site or at ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum. 


bubble shape geometry

For more information about scheduling and pricing please contact education@scienceworksmuseum.org