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Prehistoric Predators - Going extinct after Labor Day 2014!

Prehistoric Predators
Photo courtesy of the Mail Tribune 

Prehistoric Predators VelociraptorTechnology brings the past to life in this exhibit featuring life-like 
animatronic dinosaurs, controlled by state of the art interactive software.

Travel back in time to the Cretaceous Period and explore a land filled with meat-eating dinosaurs in their natural environment. You'll encounter two Saurornithelestes, Velociraptor cousins, waiting in the brush for their next meal. As you come into view, the raptors begin to stalk what they view as potential prey.
If you make it past the raptors, you'll come face to face with a  
T-Rex of monstrous proportions!  Enter the realm of this massive predator and be amazed as she reacts to your every move.  On a nearby monitor, see your own image overlaid with the technology that reflects what the T-Rex is seeing.

Note: Free Day admission does not include this special exhibit.  Regular museum admissions will be applied to view Prehistoric Predators.

This exhibit was created by KumoTek Robotics in collaboration with Kokoro Dreams.
KumoTek Robotics Kokoro Dreams

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