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Tap House Talks

Join us foTap House Talksr an evening of learning and libations. Presenters from around the region will share their knowledge on a variety of subjects, while you enjoy your favorite drink! This Spring we'll be changing venues and days for April and May - let us know what you think about this location!

March 2017
Third Thursday, 6:30-8PM
Caldera Tap House
31 Water St., Ashland, OR 97520

April & May 2017
Third MONDAY, 6:30-8PM
The Black Sheep Pub and Restaurant
51 North Main Street, Ashland, OR 97520

Admission is free for all Tap House Talk events.

March 16: Science vs Young Earth Creationism in the Grand Canyon with Len Eisenberg

This digital slide show demonstrates the dramatically different views of the Grand Canyon by conventional geologic theory and that of young earth creationism (YEC). YEC assumes an earth about 6000 years old, a true 7-day creation week, dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden, and many other interpretations of the geologic record far from the conventional geologic view. YEC believes their interpretation of the Genesis creation story is unquestionably true, and assumes the geologic record must reflect that Biblical viewpoint. Conventional geology, as well as Old Earth Creationism, assumes natural processes observed today, acting over millions of years, adequately explain the natural world, a view shared by oil and mining companies, state and private universities, and all state and federal geologic surveys. Contrasting views of the fossil and rock record, plate tectonics, radiometric dating, and formation of Grand Canyon are presented, along with notes on areas of interpretation where YEC is silent or inconsistent.

About Len Eisenberg:
Len worked as a geologist for Chevron Overseas, where he worked on exploration and production projects, mostly in Africa and Papua New Guinea. He now volunteer teaches in public schools and the community, and promotes the teaching of evolution using a family approach through
Len hosts the school programs for Briscoe Geology Park, and is on the Science Advisory Board at ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum; and built the Briscoe Geology Park in Ashland, the Climb through Time geologic climbing wall at ScienceWorks, and the earth history walk at Oregon Hills Park in Medford. Len His current research interest is giant floods in the 190-million- year-old Navajo Sandstone in Utah.

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