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Challenge: Geo-Hunt

Geo-HuntThis challenge comes from the world of Geocaching where folks hide containers, called caches, for others to find. The hiders post GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates and hints for the seekers to use to find the cache. Caches include log books to sign and sometimes small items to trade or trackable items to move to another cache. Some caches include riddles for you to solve and are called puzzle caches. Some caches include several different hidden containers that you need to find in order to reach the final cache and are called multi caches. 
Our Geo-Hunt is a multi step cache and a puzzle cache. We only provide GPS coordinates for the first step and then in each of our containers you will find a clue to lead you to the next step in the hunt. Our early testers said that they could have found the first cache just by the clue alone so try this challenge with or without a GPS unit.  Happy hunting!
GEO-HUNT STARTING COORDINATES: N42  11.688'    W122  41.374'
GEO-HUNT STARTING CLUE: "ScienceWorks" open Wednesday thru Sunday 10am-5pm
If you loved this challenge, try finding other geocaches in the area by visiting and searching by zipcode. 


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