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Challenge: Forced Perspective Photos

You can make your friend wear a top hat or stand on a giant banana all through the science of forced perspective!

Forced perspective is a way of making something look smaller or larger than it really is just by moving it farther away from or closer to your camera or eye. Look at these examples closely...the top hat is really only as big as my thumb, but it looks like it fits on my friends' head...that banana isn't really giant and those people aren't really smaller than the T-Rex, the banana is just close to the camera and the people are farther away. 

Forced Perspective 

Now your try it! Grab a prop like a tiny top hat made of paper or a toy and see what you can do. Can you make a stranger wear a top hat without even knowing it? Can you make your friend hold up a building? If you take a picture that you love you can post it on our Facebook page.

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