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Toy Science

Toy Science Exhibit

Toy Science is back with loads of game style exhibits featuring Simon, Wooly Willy, Battling Tops, Kerplunk, Connect Four, Shut the Box and much more! Each toy is not only really fun to play with but also demonstrates a physics principle or scientific fact. Toy Science exhibit will be at ScienceWorks Museum through January, 2017.

Did you know that your kids are experimenting with science all the time as they reach for that favorite toy or game? Did you know that you are engaged in assessing probabilities with games of chance? Why do games and toys that combine both elements of luck and strategy intrigue us the most? 

ScienceWorks exhibit builders and volunteers took a selection of classic toys and have recreated them on a larger scale. Whether playing with simple machines, magnetism or games of chance, toys give us an interesting glimpse into some fascinating scientific principles. This fun, interactive exhibit allows kids and adults the opportunity to share in an exploration of toys spanning the turn of two centuries.

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Oh Nuts

Keva Blocks

Shaky Jake


Shut the Box

Wooly Willy

Air Ball


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