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ScienceWorks Member Stories

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January 7, 2011

Dear ScienceWorks:
I just wanted to tell you how pleased our family is  to be ScienceWorks members.  Over the holiday break, we visited family in the Bay area.  We went to the SanFrancisco Exploratorium and the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley.  I calculated that, since we are Science Works members and you have a reciprocal arrangement with those places, we saved about $90 on entry fees!  I believe my Science Works yearly membership was only around $75.

We have always appreciated our time at ScienceWorks and felt that our family membership was a great deal but, now, with free entry into so many great places around the country, Id say its the best deal in town!

Paul Giancarlo

January 2, 2011

I LOVE my Scienceworks. My two year old son "talks" about Scienceworks all the time. Since we began volunteering at Scienceworks all of our close friends have gotten memberships too. It's the best way to get together, learn, relax and enjoy our friends. We've become addicted to the "meet at Scienceworks?" play date. I've noticed that no parent wants to think that their child is "going without" some learning edge and membership within our circle reflects this mindset ("you don't have a membership?... GASP!").What we would do without you all... I just don't know.
Take care,

Steff (Stephanie Werner)

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