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Solar Powered Nursery Description and Images

Sunshine is being turned into electricity to filter water and irrigate plants inside the nursery dome.

Step 1
Sunshine powers the floating wetlands and plants inside the nursery dome.
Plants use the sun's energy to mix carbon dioxide and water to make sugar and oxygen.  This is called photosynthesis.

Step 2
Sunshine is turned into electricity using the solar panels.  The conversion of sun power into electrical power is called photovoltaics.  This electrical power is then used to power the system pumps.
Air pumps convert electrical energy into air bubbles and push the bubbles into the bottom of the floating wetland tanks.  The wetland plants thrive, and the roots filter the water, preparing it for use for irrigation.
The water pump pulls the filtered water from the tanks and pushes it up to the top of the dome, filling the hanging barrel.

Step 3
The barrel fills up and releases a dose of irrigation water.  Gravity pulls the water through the pipes and sprinkles it onto the nursery plants.

The more the sun shines, the more water the plants need, and get.

Exhibit Partners


Rogue Water

Lomakatsi Restoration Project

Pacific Domes

SPROut - the Sustainable Plant
Research and Outreach Center

Renewable Energy Systems

Grainger Supply - Medford

Oregon Department of Energy

Ashland Food Co-op

The Great Metal Works

Orenco Systems Inc.

Home Power Magazine

Arborsmith Studios


Click on the images below for a larger view.

Floating Wetland
Floating Wetland

Irrigation System in Dome
Irrigation System in Dome

Solar Powered Nursery with Wetland Ponds
Solar Powered Nursery with Wetland Ponds

Wetland Plants
Wetland Plants

Solar Powered Nursery Controls
Solar Powered Nursery Controls

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

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