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Engineering Design

This program addresses the newly adopted Oregon Engineering Design Science Standards.  This program will provide teachers with a model for teaching the Engineering Design process, while engaging students in a hands-on introduction to engineering.

This program is available September 23, 2014 through June 12, 2015. 
Grades 3  8
This program provides the following elements:
 An introduction to the Engineering Design process
 Background information on the identified problem
 Student groups each define the problem in a way that can be approached with engineering design and scientific principles
 Generation of possible solutions
 Planning and building a prototype of a solution
 Testing and data collection
 Evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of results

Labs will require approximately 90 minute blocks of time over four days, similar to our Illuminating Science Inquiry program.  The first session introduces students to the Engineering Design Process and gives them the background information to begin generating solutions to a problem and designing a prototype.  In the second session, groups build a solution, and test it for its efficacy. During session three, a new challenge is introduced and students begin the Engineering Design Process again: defining the problem, brainstorming solutions, and designing and building a prototype.  By day four, they test their designs, compare group results and analyze and evaluate their prototypes.

Teachers may opt to have students produce a practice work sample during days 3 and 4.

Lab Descriptions

NEW! Move It!
Students explore the concepts of energy and motion in this hands-on Engineering Design experience. Students will convert chemical energy into mechanical , light, and sound energy as they design and build series and parallel circuits and their own unique switch to activate their circuits. Then groups will explore potential and kinetic energy as they design and build a matrix that moves a marble down a wall as slowly as possible. Finally, students complete a practice work sample as they apply their new knowledge of energy and motion to build a chain reaction machine in the last two days of this four day experience. 

Slow it Down!

In this engineering challenge, students will experiment with two ways of guiding a car safely down a mountain. In the first challenge, they will redesign the car to stay on a narrow and steep rail.  In the second challenge, students will redesign a steep road so that cars can travel safely from the top of the mountain to the bottom.


​Harness the power of wind in this engineering challenge. Students engineer a sail to move their ship in order to reach the mainland in safety. In the second challenge, students use what they learned about sails to design and build windmill blades in order to lift a weight or generate electricity.


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