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1500 E. Main St
Ashland, Oregon 97520
Phone: 541-482-6767
Email: info@scienceworksm. . .
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm

Wish List

As ScienceWorks grows as a community resource, our needs increase and diversify.  The following wish list identifies specific needs throughout the Museum.  As always, we are grateful for support at all levels. To make a gift in fulfillment of an item on the wish list, please contact Rachel Cardillo at (541) 482-6767 ext. 232
  • Shovel, round
  • Shovel, flat
  • Wheelbarrow, contractor
  • Rake, garden
  • Rake, leaf
  • Rake, shrub
  • Hoe, garden
  • Hoe, weeding
  • Cultivator, long
  • Cultivator, hand-held
  • Weeder, dandelion, hand-held
  • Weeder, stand up
  • Trowel
  • Garden cart
  • Pruner,  hand
  • Lopper, limb
  • Saw, limb
  • Tool Storage Rack (for long-handled tools)
  • Mulch, in large quantities


  • Children’s books   
  • Tall bar-type chair
  • Hand Puppets   
  • Large awning for shading picnic area
  • Subscriptions to Children’s magazines for Discovery Island.
  • Tables and Chairs for Café
  • 3 Hole Punches   
  • Large storage unit
  • 3 electric beverage urns (for coffee, and hot water)   
  • Serving trays- either high quality plastic or metal   
  • LCD portable projector
  • New Carpet for the Science Playroom
  • Paper Cutters   
  • New HVAC system
  • Computer Monitors   
  • Computers Windows XP professional or higher  



  • Wentzscope (microscope w/ large viewer ideal for children)  
  • Outreach to Space trailer; Haulmark model number T6X12DS2
  • Electric Staplers   
  • Shades for the entry windows
  • Key board trays to install under desks  
  • Sturdy picnic tables for outdoor area
  • Tools; wrenches, screwdrivers, hammer and more
  • Rotating wooden book rack for the gift shop  
  • Van – to take Science Live! On the road!!!!
  • General Supplies for the reptiles
  • Benches for inside museum 
  • Construction materials 

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