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Noise! Exhibit Descriptions


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Scream ChamberScream Chamber
Visitor enters a soundproof booth and screams loudly. A video camera and monitor enable visitors outside the booth to watch.  A meter outside the booth indicates the decibel level of the scream.

Dancing Sand
Visitor selects and places a metal plate on vibrating unit.  Next, sand is sprinkled on the plate.  Visitor closes acrylic enclosure and manipulates frequency control to find resonant frequencies that create amazing patterns in the sand.

Sound Track
Visitor first watches a series of video clips without sound on a TV monitor.  Next, visitor selects from four soundtracks (background music) and observes how each influences the “feel” of the video sequences.  Exhibit provides two sets of headphones so the exhibit can be experienced and shared by two visitors at a time.

Pipe Organ
Visitors slap the open ends of large PVC tubes with foam paddles to create musical tones.  Visitors can make up their own songs or use the included songbook.

Spooky Sounds
This exhibit consists of a theremin, an oscilloscope, and a TV/DVD player.  Visitors play the theremin by bringing their hands near the frequency and volume antennae.  The sound waves are displayed on the oscilloscope.  A silent video of science fiction clips inspires users to create eerie soundtracks.  Signs explain the basics of wave mechanics.

Whirling Sounds
Demonstration of the Doppler Effect – perceived pitch change as sound source moves towards or away from listener.  Speaker mounted to rotating arm spins above visitor’s head.  Visitor selects sound effect and manipulates rotation speed. 

Hearing Test/ Pitch Match
Two exhibits housed in one kiosk.  Hearing Test allows visitors to test the frequency range of their hearing.  Pitch Match challenges visitor’s tonal memory.  First, a reference tone is selected and heard by the visitor.  Next, the visitor uses a dial control to match the tone they first heard.  Pushing a third button allows visitor to see how close they came.

Now ‘Ear This
Model of the human ear using analogous mechanisms to demonstrate function and structure of the outer, middle and inner ear portions.  Visitor first turns crank to send a pressure wave of air into the outer ear.  Next, visitor pushes button to see the vibration transferred to the hammer, anvil and stirrup bones of the middle ear. Finally, visitor pushes another button to activate blinking lights which represent the flow of impulses Good Vibrationsfrom the cochlea to the auditory nerve and on to the brain.

Good Vibrations
Visitor manipulates frequency and amplitude controls to generate sound waves through an acrylic tube filled with Styrofoam beads.  The vibrations set up a variety of standing wave patterns.

Wrench Ball
Visitors strike various wrenches attached to a large exercise ball.  Each wrench emits a different resonant tone, much like a xylophone.

Click here to see a photo gallery of exhibit images.

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