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Science Advisory Board

ScienceWorks Advisory Board
October 2013


Bob Dinkel
Bob was born and raised in NYC, (Bronx) and graduated from Columbia University. He is a US Air force veteran. His career includes years with Citibank as a VP of Investment functioning as a primary dealer of US government securities. Hobbies include astronomy, cosmology, photography and geology.

Len Eisenberg
Len is a former international petroleum geologist who lives and works in Ashland, Oregon.  Len lead the effort to build the Briscoe Geology Park and the Climb through Time geologic climbing wall at ScienceWorks.  His current research focuses on unusual flood deposits in the 200-million-year-old Navajo Sandstone of central Utah.

James Hilton, Ph.D.
James is an astronomer with the US Naval Observatory specializing in research in the physics of asteroids. James resides in Jacksonville, Oregon and contributes to the ScienceWorks regularly.

Roy Kindell
Roy is a local public school educator and former board member of the National Center for Science Education.  He is a graduate of the New York based Humanist Institute and has served in regional leadership positions with The World Future Society. 

John Kloetzel, Ph.D.
John taught university-level biology for 37 years. His research in cell biology employed methods ranging from electron microscopy to molecular techniques such as gene sequencing. He is past-president of the Chesapeake Society for Microscopy and the International Society of Protistologists. 

Dave Larson
While in the US Air force Dave was a member of the Strategic Air Command in Jet Propulsion Systems, which led to McDonald Douglas recruiting Dave into the Apollo Space Program.  While with McDonald, he was a member of the Thor booster launch team specializing in propulsion, cryogenics and command destruction systems.  He is now retired living in the Rogue Valley and makes regular contributions to ScienceWorks.

Richard LeVitt
Richard is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. His career includes 20 years at Hewlett-Packard Co., where he progressed from R&D project manager to section manager, to department head, and finally to Global Director of Quality for the company.  Richard led HP’smembership in the Santa Fe Institute where he explored applications of complex systems theory.  Now retired,  he currently serves as a Vice President and volunteer for ScienceWorks.

James Lindow, Ph.D.
James is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University in physics.  He has patents in fields including radiation detection, laser microcopy and fiber optics communications. As founder and CEO of several Silicon Valley, companies, he has extensive managerial and fund raising experience.  He currently serves as Chairman of the Science Advisory Board and as a member of ScienceWorks Board.

Terry Martin, Ph.D.
Terry has a Ph.D. in astronomy from the University of Hawaii.  Terry has worked extensively on Mars exploration missions while at JPL in Pasadena, CA.  He is retired in Ashland and has lectured concerning his work.

Steve Miner
Steve is a graduate of MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with over 30 years experience in industry. He worked as an engineer and project manager before co-founding three technology companies (industrial power measurement, medical electronics and semiconductor parts brokerage). A key contributor to the exhibit program, Steve is a former President of ScienceWorks, and Vice President of Engineering at Darex, LLC.

Richard Sweet, Ph.D.
Richard is a Stanford graduate, and has worked in the computer industry for over 40 years, including 25 years with Adobe Systems. He is now working on several volunteer projects for Ashland’s “Oregon Shakespeare Festival”. He is the founder of Oregon Stage Tech, a company that produces computer based solutions for theatrical lighting.

Carl (Gene) Schoder
Gene is a Stanford Graduate with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He started his career with the young startup (at the time) company called Varian Associates -became worldwide environmental compliance officer.  He has kept active in retirement by working on estimating the worldwide supply of critical resources .

Colin White
Colin is an information technology analyst, consultant and educator with over 40 years of experience in the computer software industry. He has several science-related hobbies including astronomy, robotics, meteorology and birding. 


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