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Noise exhibitNOISE! features exhibits on sound, music and hearing, this exhibit is sure to knock your socks off!   Creating experiences from the “can you hear me now” Scream Chamber to the “good vibrations” of the Dancing Sand Plates, the exhibits take a playful look at the physics of sound waves as well as how music and sound affects our mood.

Good VibrationsGood Vibrations and the Dancing Sand give visitors a way to “see” sound waves in some pretty unusual ways. The Whirling Sound explores the “Doppler Effect” – why does sound change when something gets closer or farther away? Unconventional musical instruments such as the Musical Wrenches, a Theremin and Pipe Organ let visitors make their own music.

One of the coolest experiences offeredScream Chamber by NOISE! is the Scream Chamber – a sound-proof booth you enter…and scream as loud as you can. When you leave the booth, people who have monitored your scream by a decibel meter can tell you how loud is your scream. Find out who the loudest member of your family really is!

NOISE! was created with support from The Carpenter Foundation, the PGE Foundation and Town and Country Chevrolet Oldsmobile.

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