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Illuminating Science Inquiry - Lab Options

The following labs are available as options for the Inquiry program.  A 4-day Inquiry program is focused on one lab topic, and activities build around that topic as students learn the Inquiry process.

Each lab option lists the targeted grades for the lab.  This is based on ODE Science Standards addressed in the class, as well as the math skills (counting, measuring, averaging) the students will need to get the most out of the lab.  Exceptions can be made, however.  Please feel free to contact us and ask if the lab can be adapted to your class.

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Animal Adaptations
Students explore the wild world of animal adaptations as they work with live critters and focus on the unique beaks of various birds in this hands-on study of adaptation.  Using common tools to represent the shapes and sizes of birds, students test the adaptations in a race for survival.  Students will predict which 'beak' is best suited for each 'food' and test their hypothesis with some fun hands-on experiences. 
  • Targeted grades: 2nd-6th
  • Also available as a 2-day Exploring Inquiry & Engineering Design program
Crater Creators
Ever wonder about those craters on the moon, or why the Earth doesn't seem to have any?  In this Inquiry, students will observe the results of dropping meteors (various sized balls and rocks) into different substrates, and learn more about some of the other objects in our solar system.  They will then predict which meteors will create the deepest craters, and test their hypotheses in a controlled experiment.
  • Targeted grades: 3rd-8th
  • Also available as a 2-day Exploring Inquiry & Engineering Design​ program
Flight School
Students conduct hands-on experiments which test the forces acting on paper airplanes in flight.  They will build several types of planes and analyze their observations using knowledge of the forces involved.  Students will predict their planes' flights and use a controlled experiment to test their hypothesis.
  • Targeted grades: 2nd-8th
  • Also available as a 2-day Exploring Inquiry & Engineering Design​ program
Hot Stuff
Students will explore the concepts of heat transfer and matter phase changes through melting ice.  Inquiries will involve friction, conduction, convection and radiation and their effects on ice in film canisters.
  • Targeted grades: 3rd-6th
  • Also available as a 2-day Exploring Inquiry & Engineering Design​ program
Magnetic Personalities
Playing with magnets is fun for all ages.  Asking questions about the magnetic fields and strength of different magnets makes magnets an exciting Inquiry.  In this hands-on experience, students will play with many different magnets, learn more about what materials are magnetic or not magnetic, and ask questions about how to demonstrate which magnet is stronger. 
  • Targeted grades: 2nd-5th
  • Also available as a 2-day Exploring Inquiry & Engineering Design​ program

Ramps and Rollers

Students explore the distance a ball goes when released from a certain position on a ramp which rolls at a specific angle.  The variance of angle and  position on the ramp, as well as the weight, composition, density, and surface of the ball give students many physics problems to solve/understand.

  • Targetd grades: 4th - 8th

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