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1500 E Main St
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: (541) 482-6767
Email: sylvia@sciencework. . .
Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 10 am - 5 pm

Tap House Talks


Tap House TalksJoin us at a local pub for an evening of learning and libations. Presenters from around the region will share their knowledge on a variety of subjects, while you enjoy your favorite drink!

Join us for our Digital Frontier Series 
3rd Thursday in Jan, Feb & March

6:30 - 8pm at Howiee's 
16 N. Front St in Medford


Tap House Talk - Digital Pioneer Ada LovelaceMarch 19 - Digital Pioneers: Ada Lovelace and Alan Turing
The Enchantress of Numbers Meets the Genius of Bletchley Park​

Roy Kindell and Victoria Law

An imaginary meeting of minds between the earliest computer programmer (c.1840) and the Father of Computing, born almost exactly one hundred years later. Ada "Lady" Lovelace occupied the perfect 19th century nexus between poetry and science.  As the only legitimate offspring of the notorious, though much celebrated Romantic poet, Lord Byron, her mother forbade her the reading of poetry and steeped her in the arcane arts of mathematics and logic.  

A century later Alan Turing read Ada's paper and went on to lead the British team at Bletchley in World War II that cracked the "unbreakable" Nazi Enigma code saving countless lives and shortening the war by at least two years. (The subject of the acclaimed film The Imitation Game). Their dialog will focus on the promise and peril of computing particularly what Turing called the "Lady Lovelace Objection" that computers will never be able to think or become conscious. 

Lady Lovelace will be portrayed by Victoria Law, former computer programmer and Director of the Ashland History Museum, and Roy Kindell, member of the ScienceWorks Advisory Board and a founding board member of the National Center for Science Education.

David Bithell

January 15 - Crossing Wires: Art, Science & Technology in the Digital Age

The art of today is greatly influenced by the development of digital technologies. Come hear about exciting recent projects exploring interactivity, immersive environments, art / science collaboration, and more.  Learn about the ways in which technology shapes current art practice, and how artists are shaping the future of technology.
David Bithell is an interdisciplinary composer, artist, and performer exploring the connections between visual art, music, theater, and performance. He is an Associate Professor of Digital Art at Southern Oregon University where he heads the Cross-disciplinary Studio for Art and Technology (xARTS)

Tap House Talk - Big DataFebruary 19 - The Big Data Revolution: What can we do with all of this data?
Dr. Katie Pittman
Associate Professor in the School of Business at SOU​

The accumulation of new data in the past two years is said to be greater in volume than the prior record of human civilization!  The amount of data streaming in from transactions, phones, sensors and the like has brought new meaning to the concept of information overload.  Fortunately, advances in computing power and computational methods are keeping pace.  

Learn how businesses, government, and other organizations are using big data to generate actionable insights. One method at the forefront is storytelling through data visualization.  We will look at some great examples and talk about some of the tools available to get started.


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