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1500 E Main St
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: (541) 482-6767
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Hours: WED - SUN, 10 am - 5 pm

Traveling Labs: Hands-on Science

This interactive program is designed to give your outreachstudents hands-on experience with science content in their own classroom. We offer labs geared to grades K-8, and incorporate Science Inquiry and Engineering Design Standards from the newly adopted ODE Science Standards when possible. 

Labs are approximately 1 hour and serve a class of up to 30 students.  We can accommodate up to 4 classes per day.

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Title Grade Activity Description
Fossil Friends K - 2 Travel into the past to meet your very own fossil friend. Students find their fossil in the climbing wall to explore the types of fossils animals leave behind, then put their fossils in chronological order.

Bee's Knees
K - 2 Students meet ScienceWorks' favorite pollinators in this hands on lab about honeybees. Students will use hand lenses to observe real honey bee bodies and perhaps see our demonstration hive in action. Students will become bees in our Happy Hive Game in order to learn how bees work together to survive, and then we'll say good bye with our own version of a honeybee waggle dance.
Ready, Set, Roll! K - 8 In this wild ride, students will be challenged to apply concepts of energy, force, and motion to design a unique roller coaster.  Working in teams, students will follow the engineering design process of brainstorming, planning, building, testing, and evaluating their solutions. 
Crazy Concoctions 3 - 5 Become mix masters in this chemistry-based lab. Students use a variety of acids and bases to explore the world of chemical color changes and try to create environments that could sustain life.
Invisible Force​ 3 - 8 Students explore the visible force of magnetism in this engineering inspired challenge. Each small group will use a set of strong magnets to make a magnetic ball travel a path without touching the ball. Students will learn to measure the strength of a magnet and work together to accomplish the goals they set for themselves. Older students may explore the concept of centripetal force along with magnetism. Help your students unleash their inner problem solvers and engineers with this inventive lab!
Switch It Up 3 - 8 Be curious and creative in this inquiry based engineering lab. Explore the workings of basic circuits and then let your inner inventor loose as you design and build your own weird and wonderful switch that brings your circuit to life!
Owl Pellets 3 - 8 Solve a food chain mystery in this lab. Students work in pairs to determine the prey animals in an owl’s food chain by dissecting an owl pellet together.
Spin Cycle 3 - 8 Can you get an egg to spin on its end? Can you get a ball to travel along a line? Get an object spinning without touching it, then use your inquiry skills to take on a series of moving challenges.
Work It With Circuits 3 - 8 Get your electrical juices flowing in this lab.  Can you power up a light or make the buzzer sound? Students use a set of materials to create simple circuits through a series of investigations.
Laser Maze 5 - 8 Safely harness the power of a 532nm laser to explore the ways in which light interacts with matter.  Students combine their new knowledge of light wave behavior with the skills of an engineer to use reflection, refraction, transmission and absorption to get their laser's light to hit a target. Creativity and innovation are encouraged in this hands-on engineering challenge.





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